Tap into Joy

      You can invest in this resource for Only $15.95
  • Introduces Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to those who have not experienced it.
  • Takes the guesswork out of the EFT process.
  • Can be used by anyone, without facilitation by a practitioner and without EFT experience.
  • Is an interactive guide that can be used by children and their parents.
  • Is easy to use. Simply read the introduction and instructions on using the book, then select a topic from the Table of Contents, open to that section, and follow the six steps, which include: rating the intensity, the set up, tapping on the negative aspects of the problem, forgiveness step, positive affirmations, and rating the intensity to determine progress.
  • It contains 61 topics that I see most commonly for children of the ages of toddlers through teenagers. A topic, or problem, can be cleared in as little as two minutes.
  • All of the topics can be used by adults. The guide can also be used to clear inner child issues.


    “Sue Busen’s GetSet™ Approach enhances EFT with a forgiveness step and positive affirmations that have the power to transform your life at a core level.”
    –Jack Canfield, Originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and Featured Teacher in the Movie “The Secret”

This self-help reference guide will teach you and your children breakthrough techniques to create instant freedom from negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs.

There are step-by-step instructions for clearing each of the following:

Confidence/Limiting Beliefs

Bad Habit, Being Bullied, Being Made Fun Of, Do Not Like to Be Apart or Separated, Food Choices, I Cannot Do It, I Do Not Fit In, I Look Different, Making a Mistake, Not Good Enough, Peer Pressure, Potty Training, Someone Hurt My Feelings, Staying in My Bed, Tapping Doesn’t Work

Family and Home

Moving, New Baby, Parents Arguing, Parents Are Divorced, Parents Getting Divorced – Fear Of, Problems with Brother or Sister


Animals, The Ball, Clowns, Crowded Places, The Dark, Enclosed Places, Getting Lost, Going to the Dentist, Going to the Doctor, High Places, Monsters/Creatures, Performing/Stage Fright, Roller Coasters and Rides, Spiders, Stormy Weather, Television Show Scared Me, Water/Swimming


Cannot Learn Math Facts, Do Not Want to Do Homework, First Day of School, Issues with Teacher, Reading Is a Struggle, Test Taking


Airplanes, School Buses, Riding a Bike, Riding in the Car

Other Emotions and Issues

Anger, Anxious/Anxiety, Frustrated, Getting Yelled At, Grief – Loss of Loved One, Grief – Loss of Pet, Guilt, Hard to Pay Attention, Impatient, Lost Something Special, Loud Noises, Sadness, Trouble Sleeping

This self-help reference guide will teach you and your children breakthrough techniques to create instant freedom from negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Tap into Joy:

“I absolutely love  Tap Into Joy.  It is an engaging book that explains EFT simply yet completely, and will positively change the lives of the children (and parents) who use the techniques it offers.  I wish a book like this had been around when I was younger.”
Eric B. Robins, MD, Board Certified Urologist, EFT advisory board member, Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You, Contributing author, The Heart of Healing

“I have been counseling families for decades. I find Sue’s books to be easy to use and extremely valuable in my practice. Parents are enthused about using the books at home with their children and children enjoy the tapping.”
-Marilyn Holschuh, LCSW, ACSW

“I got your stunning book from amazon.com. I facilitate a Life Skills for Kids and Teenager’s Teacher Training Program. I work in small groups of 6. I recommend
Tap into Joy for the new facilitators to buy and incorporate into their workshops. It is a perfect fit. Great stuff!”

-Annette, South Africa

“I was moved by the book Tap into Joy. I am associate professor faculty of human studies Bunkyo Gakuin University. I am the supervisor for Integrated Camp, which Autistic, ADHD, Developmental disability and other children participate in. They have panicks sometime. I want to use EFT for children in all of Japan. But EFT is not popular in Japan. So I’d like to use your book and techniques because it is simple and they can understand. Thank you for your wonderful work.”
-Takayuki, Japan

Reviews of Tap into Joy On Amazon.com:

Incredibly Helpful!
“My 7 year old girl suffers from very high levels of frustration, anger, perfectionism. This book is so simple in its instruction, so easy to understand and use, and I am amazed and delighted and how helpful my daughter has found the technique in bringing her down from very wound up and hot headed, to relaxed and at peace – within minutes. This book has achieved more in a few minutes than countless hours of counseling over the years!

Great Parenting Tool
“The Tap Into Joy book is a great parenting tool. It’s laid out so that you can easily find direction, ideas and inspirations to help you AND your child become more calm, resilient and creative in working through life’s little traumas, all the way up to the big stuff. Maybe you won’t even encounter much big stuff if you take care of the little stuff while it’s still little! The book covers everything you can think of in a child’s life, and gives a step-by-step application and script, so it’s foolproof. Susan Jeffrey Busen does a fine job of taking the guesswork out of delivering the great, holistic tapping tool known as EFT to your loved ones. And this is a truly inspired baby gift to new parents, too!”
-Jondi Whitis, Norwalk, CT

EFT for Children
“I purchased this book for my grandson and had marvelous results with it. He is 8 years old and loved it. Now anytime he has an issue he thinks he would like to work on, he gets his book and we sit and go through this very simple process and I love seeing his fears disappear right before me.”
-Lynn Hayes West, Texas

Hands On
“Sue Busen has composed a really handy collection of EFT Tapping sequences. The introduction to the Book, is a clear and succinct explanation about EFT. So often the real hangup in the whole EFT application is the “what do I say”. Sue, with this Book, has laid out the path for very clear and direct issue identification and an appropriate corresponding tapping sequence.
This Book is a very good beginners guide to the possibilities of EFT.”

-Jim “Grateful” (USA)

Wonderful Techniques for Children
“Use this daily with grandchildren. They now know how to do it, and what to use it for.”
-Charlie (Toledo, OH)

Incredible Book For Adults Too!
“Tap Into Joy is an amazing book for adults (as well as kids) because the issues we have as adults originated during childhood. I’m in my 40’s and just reading the table of contents brought up memories and emotions of things I didn’t know affected me now. I gain a lot of peace of mind by releasing them and notice more happiness in my daily life as an adult! The perfect book to heal the child inside all of us.”
-K. Rudolph, San Diego, CA

I wrote Tap into Joy: A Guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques for Kids and Their Parents with the intent that it would be easy to use, could be used as a quick reference guide, and would find it’s way to everyone who needed it. I know that the children of this world need this tool. I have seen many lives transformed by energy therapy, and my vision is to see it available to everyone. I am thrilled that this book is being used by children and adults worldwide. It is also now available in Japanese and I would be very happy to see it in many languages.

You can invest in this resource for Only $15.95


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